"Nreal is the global leading AR glasses brand. SpaceMall is the only official E-commerce platform on our hardware. We have deep collaborations to deliver the best shopping experiences on headsets."

Chi Xu, CEO, Nreal

"SpaceMall helps Shopify to create immersive ecommerce solution. Lots of Shopify stores worked with SpaceMall to upgrade their websites, and they noticed obvious sales increase."

Jonathan Wade, AR/VR PM, Shopify

"SpaceMall provides one of the best technologies for new ecommerce experiences. Louis Vuitton is working with them on a solution to let people shop in person virtually during the pandemic. "

Marilyn Muffs, Marketing VP, Louis Vuitton

"IKEA has invested in AR/VR shopping for a long time. SpaceMall is one of our vendors that help us do AR/VR marketing. They are doing a surprisingly good job. "

Hsuan Chou, Designer, IKEA